the melrose table

Hello everyone and welcome to WItty Rentals! We can’t wait to share with you all the fabulous pieces we have been working on, but first and foremost we would like to debut The Melrose Table. The Melrose Table was handcrafted by the Witty Girls and It has to be one of the most dynamic tables. The legs are interchangeable, allowing anyone to personalize the look and style .  You can have metal legs for more of a industrial/modern look, or thick wooden legs to establish more of a rustic look. Here we styled The Melrose in both a Spanish and Americana look.melrosetable The Melrose Table was paired with our Dallas Chairs (also available for rental), and a beautiful Spanish style table scape was created with bougainvillea, candles and the perfect white/gold dinner setting.spanish3spanish4 To achieve the Americana look, we paired The Melrose Table with our Stella Chairs (also available for rental). We then complimented the Melrose with some stars and stripes and  added in some succulents to provide some green.  We finished the Americana feel by adding in the amazing bullhorns from our ever growing collection of skulls, bones and antlers.  americana1americana2


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